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No matter what sort of project you have in mind, from large to small, Elevated Living has a full menu of services to fit your design needs. 



Our Design Consultation or something we like to call "Ask an Expert" is a stand alone service to help solve your problems in real time. During a 2 hour on-site visit, we provide design ideas, recommendations and expertise to ultimately guide the start of your design project in the right direction.


Our E-Design Service is best suited for smaller scale projects that gives you the design guidance on how to furnish and decorate your residential space to execute on your own. Client communication is carried out virtually and a design book is presented with a shopping list of what and where to buy. 

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Our Full Service is best suited for larger scale projects that require remodelling or renovation. We take care of every detail during the design and planning stage and run your project from start to finish with transformational results you will love. In order for our team of design experts to deliver the 'elevated look,' a minimum budget is required.


Being an entrepreneur and marketing expert has certainly taught Sarah a thing or two about how to run a business effectively. When she's not working on projects, she's sharing her experiences and learnings on YouTube to inspire others to pursue their passions. If you have questions and need guidance on interior design, entrepreneurship or just how to get started in your journey, then this 1-on-1 session is for you!

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